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Hello Friends!

We are Colby and Krys, husband and wife photographers based in Middle Tennessee. What does that mean for you? It means you get two photographers that are completely in sync with one another.  We know how each other work on wedding day, and it gives us an advantage to create an unforgettable experience for you.  We want your wedding day to be authentic, joyous, unfiltered and emotional. We aren’t the photographers that want every picture to be a static smile at the camera moment. Our job is to capture those real moments between you and your loved ones so that 50 years from now when you share your wedding album with your grandchildren, you remember those moments and the joy you shared on your wedding day.  

At the end of this experience, we want you to walk away with gorgeous, emotion driven photos and a couple of sweet friends.  Let’s be honest, on wedding day you are going to be the most comfortable around friends so let’s meet up for coffee or a cocktail, start this friendship and take some awesome photos for you to cherish for a lifetime. 


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